A website installer tool has a resemblance to the script installers that most Internet hosting businesses offer. While the latter are employed to set up an application without being sure whether it is suitable to develop a certain kind of Internet site, the Internet site installer has more options to select from so that once a specific app is set up, you shall be able to build the website you want. Few companies provide website installers, but this type of tools make it much easier to select what application to employ for your website in the event that you don't have lots of experience and aren't absolutely sure what the different apps out there are employed for - blogs, online stores, etcetera. It is important to know that an Internet site installer is not the same thing as an online site builder - instead, it allows you to set up a ready-made website which you can start customizing according to your needs from the admin area of the application that you have selected.
Website Installer in Cloud Web Hosting
All our cloud web hosting plans feature a website installer which is provided by default in the Hepsia CP at no additional cost. Not only will it allow you to select the best program for your Internet site, but it shall also allow you to choose from more than a thousand beautiful templates, so you can create a professional site without spending a lot of money for web design services. All it requires to do that is to choose a domain or a subdomain hosted within the account, select the type of site and the template that appeals to you the most, and then select what password and username you would like to use for the app admin area. Our system shall set everything up within a couple of minutes, so you can start adding posts to your new blog, add products to an online store or upload photos to your new photography portfolio.
Website Installer in Semi-dedicated Servers
The website installer that is provided with our semi-dedicated server solutions is very user-friendly and includes over a thousand different templates, therefore if you opt to use our hosting services, you could start your web presence right away. The tool is accessible through the Hepsia hosting Control Panel and all templates which you shall find there are available absolutely free, so you won't need to spend money for web design since you can have a professional site with just several clicks. The process is as basic as choosing a domain and a template for it, and then setting up login credentials for the admin area. A couple of minutes after your new site will be working and depending on its nature, you could include images to a photography website, products and descriptions to an Internet store, and so forth.