When you acquire a virtual or a dedicated server, you can use it not just to host your personal sites, but also to resell web hosting plans to various other people. This allows you to make good money, due to the fact that the number of people who build their first site keeps increasing and the demand for website hosting services is growing each and every year. Aside from the server itself, you will need a merchant account with a payment processor, which will allow you to accept payments online, and a billing application so as to link each of them. To use your own server means having more control compared to the ordinary hosting reseller programs. If, for example, a client wants to run some script that needs a particular app to be present on the server, there will not be any trouble to install it on a virtual or a dedicated machine, but it's impossible to do that on a shared server where all reseller accounts are created. With minimal effort and investment, you will have the option to start a successful hosting firm of your own and to become a part of the ever expanding web hosting market.