The quality of the hosting service that you will receive for your websites is dependent not only on the attributes that a certain plan contains, but also on the hardware your web applications run on. Increased CPU speeds, for instance, indicate that the processes running on the web server will be carried out much faster, while more physical memory (RAM) suggests that even more processes can run simultaneously. The grade of the hardware can also affect the general performance and dependability of the server. Since the web hosting service nowadays features not only file storage, but also databases, email messages, logs, etc, extra processing power is required to run all system processes and to ensure that they function properly and with no lag. In case the hardware is not powerful enough, the result will be slower sites or even service timeouts because the machine may not be able to take care of all requests to the websites hosted on it.
24-core servers, hardware in Cloud Web Hosting
If you opt to get one of our cloud web hosting packages, you won't need to be worried about the servers where your Internet sites will be accommodated or about the lack of resources. We use a revolutionary cloud platform and each service is managed by an individual cluster of servers. Each and every machine inside the clusters includes 24 processor cores and 64 GB RAM, so whatever the applications you need to work with, they'll work at top speed at all times. We could always add extra machines to each of the clusters, and therefore the processing power and the hard disk space for our solutions is practically limitless. For even improved performance, we take advantage of solid-state drives for the storage, which will increase the performance of your Internet sites significantly. Because the servers are not only very powerful, but also redundant, you will not notice any downtime for any site which you host on our end.
24-core servers, hardware in Semi-dedicated Servers
The semi-dedicated server accounts which we offer include lots of unrestricted features for a reason - they are created on an outstanding cloud web hosting platform which contains a large number of powerful servers. 24-core processors, 64 GB RAM and SSDs will provide the ideal hardware environment for your web apps and you'll never encounter a situation where the system resources are not enough - something which happens often with many other Internet hosting providers. All hardware components are enterprise-level and are tested extensively before we use them so as to avoid any possible issues in the long run. Our cloud platform can be expanded by connecting additional servers to the cluster that needs them and considering the hardware each machine features, you won't ever have to worry if your sites will perform well or not. As no account is ever made on just one server, there is no scenario where a few users can use up all of the available system resources.